The SEOktoberfest was totallly ............

28.09.2008, Blog

seoktoberfestHow was the SEOktoberfest? What was the SEOktoberfest like? Was the SEOktoberfest interesting? Did I receive SEO related infos? How tastes the “Wies'n Bier”?

As a paying participant I can honestly say, the SEOktoberfest of the 24/25 September was a absolute success story. Some people might think, well this guy has to write this, because he paid a 5'000 Euro for the SEOktoberfest.

But in fact, from my point of view the 5'000 Euros were  just the perfect filter which led to it, that we had highly motivated participants registered. Quality has its price, right?

Why have my expectations beeing fulfilled absolutely?

oktoberfest-paulanerI first thought, all these top SEO topshots from the USA and Europe are some kind of „snobs“ and I dont receive any information from them anyway. My thougts where totally wrong. Really totally wrong!

Even the SEO topshots  took there time to explain to me for example how a redirect 301 works.

And they really spent there time, until I really got the things right. Therefore I could profit from the professionals contrary to my expectations even as an Internet beginner. All experts and participants shared their knowledge unanimous.

And all the other participants were high class too. They showed me in what projects they are in and what is possible in the Internet. I can say of the SEO part I have profited very much and have interesting contacts now.

And it is just like always in life, if one knows each other personally, things are more easy to go.

What about the party time?

schrannenclub-seoktoberfestThe after work partys have been extrem fun. First Marcus Tandler  organized for every participant original leather shorts , plus traditional shirt and shoes.

Being dressed like this, one was temporary transformed into a Bavarian, or say we had mutated to a Munich Beer Festival Bayer. Hard to describe, but some kind of special fun.

Heaps of fun we had at the hippodrome and the Armbrustschützen tent. I took the advice of an inhabitant of Munich to heart and drank only one „Mass“ per hour. So I guess thats the reason why I did not have headache in the next morning.

Therefore I can write, the Munich Beer Festival is one giant fun, if one is together with the right people. And the „Oktoberfest“ beer is mega-delicious.

After the „Wies'n“ we went it into the P1 and into the Schrannenclub. I found the music in the P1 some kind of oldie style. The Schrannenclub played a funky dancefloor sound.

Result: Interesting people, many search engines information, fantastic and warm organisation of Marcus, Mrs. Quadszilla and his crew.

I'll be there next year again , when is called "Ozapft is."

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